VSSE Virtual 10K Run 2021 April 18-30

Dear VSSE Members and Friends:

During the pandemic (COVID 19), most of the activities and events are forced to stop until the authorities to say so. Every year, Vancouver Sun Run is one of the iconic events before summer, thousands of people are gathering at down town for a 10K run. For years, Vancouver Sowers Society of Education (VSSE ) always form a team to participate the event. Those team members also took the opportunity of the 10K run to raise fund to support VSSE’s works in educational programs.

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Sun Run 2020

Dear VSSE Members and Friends 各位溫苗會員及友人 :

Here Comes the Sun !

Join Vancouver Sowers Society of Education’s SunRunners team for the 2020. Vancouver SunRun being held on April 19th.

2020太陽報主辦的 Sun Run 將會在4月19舉行 !

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2017 Sun Run 太陽長跑勝利完成

2017年度的溫哥華太陽長跑,溫苖大隊共有52人參加,參加的跑手有老將及新秀。從第一次集訓開始到賽日結束後,大隊全體所跑的總距離約為3000公里. 這是團結的力量,是同心共創的傲人距離。大家堅持不怕肌肉的酸痛與無私捐款的支持,拉近了一羣山區待助學子與溫苖理念的距離。經過十週在風丶雨丶雪中的集訓,我們跑出汗水,但建立了自信,增強了體能,更值得是因此活動而能夠獻出了一份充滿關懷及鼓勵的求學環境。何樂而不為!期待明年再挑戰10公里,再創佳績。

Sun Run 2017

Join our 2017 Vancouver Sowers Society of Education’s SunRunners team for the 2017 Vancouver Sun Run being held on April 23rd. Together, we will walk, run through our 11 weeks training program & to get our mind & body ready for a successful completion in the 10K run. All novices and vetrinans are welcome to join the team. All you need to have is your determination, a pair of running shoes and able to walk for 100 minutes. Let’s all be a certified 10K runner and achieve our personal best in 2017! Thinking of running a marathon? Start from this 10K run.   Continue reading