About Us

Vancouver Sowers Society of Education (VSSE) is a non-religious, non-political and non-profit making organization registered in 2002 (Chairty number: 85995 6286 RR0001). Our aim is to improve the foundation education in impoverished countries and regions. Our current focus is China, but we also sponsor some local projects in Vancouver.

「溫哥華苗圃行動教育協會」(溫苗)是於2002年註冊成立,並於2006年成為慈善機構(慈善號碼 : 85995 6286 RR0001)。我們是非宗教、非政治、非牟利,而工作人員全是義工,目標是協助改善貧窮國家和地區的教育,現時的重點是中國,也有在溫哥華本地資助一些 教育項目。

“Sowers” represents nurturing children by providing them foundation education and subsidizing the rebuilding of dilapidated schools so that they can study in a safe environment. We ensure that donations are well spent via “On-site Evaluation, Direct Subsidy and Long Term Follow-up”. Besides, our administration fees are raised separately so that donations for education are used solely for the purpose.


VSSE is affiliated with Sowers Action, Hong Kong. We share the same vision and principles. Hong Kong Sowers Action provides tremendous support to VSSE in terms of “On-site Evaluation, Direct Subsidy and Long Term Follow-up”. Every year 20 work groups of volunteers visit, at their own cost, remote areas in China to perform evaluation and follow-up. They bring more than just subsidies – their personal care and support are great encouragement to the deprived people.

「溫苗」是香港「苗圃行動」 的聯會,我們有著共同的理想和守則。香港「苗圃行動」在「實地考察、直接資助、長期跟進」上給予「溫苗」很大的支援。他們每年派出多個工作組,由義工自費前往中國國內偏遠地區進行考察和跟進。義工們除了帶去一些資助外,他們的關心和支持對於貧困人士來說是莫大的鼓舞。

On-site Evaluation: In order to see and understand the actual needs, we take On-site Evaluation as a requisite step before considering / recommending any subsidy.

Direct Subsidy: To avoid complications due to too many parties involved, the subsidy for each project is sent directly to the beneficiary. The money will be remitted only after the supervisory parties, the executive party, the beneficiary and HK Sowers Action have signed a contract.

Long Term Follow-up: After completion of a sponsorship project, we will send work groups to re-visit the school, teachers and students. This is to ensure that the terms in the contract are indeed followed.