Wah Kwong 華光 Visit Jun, 2018

In June, our board director KK visited 華光女子中學 (Wah Kwong Girls High School) at the JiangXi province of China again. He met the students that we have sponsored in 2017-2018. And coincidentally, HK Sowers Action were also there for Wah Kwong’s graduation ceremony.


The students that VSSE sponsored.

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Wah Kwong 華光 Visit

Our board director KK had a trip to the JiangXi province of China in February this year. He took the opportunity to visit 華光女子中學 (Wah Kwong Girls High School). VSSE has been sponsoring the meal fees of some Wah Kwong students for a number of years.

KK found that the students were kind and polite, but the school building was in bad condition. Being not a prearranged visit, he was sure that he saw the real conditions of the school.

Website User Interface 網站界面

The VSSE board has determined that, being a Canadian Organization, our web site should be mainly in English. As such, we have changed the user interface to English. Most major pages (eg, organization structure and contact information) have been or will be converted to English and/or bilingual. Please let us know if you find any problem.


網站還需改善 Website Still Needs Improvement


Due to some technical issues, we have rebuilt our Chinese web site in August 2016. Without sufficient resources, we have not been able to create the English site. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.