Annual Dinner 2018

Dear Friends and Members,

The 16th Anniversary Celebration and Fund Raising Dinner for Vancouver Sowers Society of Education will be held on Saturday, September 1, 2018 at the Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant, Vancouver BC.

As a registered charity based in BC, our primary objective is to improve the basic education in impoverished countries and regions. Since our incorporation in 2002, we have rebuilt 16 dilapidated schools, 2 dormitories, 2 canteens and 7 libraries. We have also sponsored over 1,500 high school students and 600 elementary school students. We are currently rebuilding our 17th school at the JiangXi province of China. Since 2015, VSSE has also been participating in some local education projects such as the Horizons Alternate School and the Stir it Up program in Richmond.

“Sowers” denotes nurturing children by providing them with better opportunities for education and learning in a safe, positive environment. We ensure that all donated funds are solely used on Board approved programs and projects. Administrative expenses are raised separately. “On-Site Evaluation, Direct Subsidy and Long-Term Follow-up” are our guiding principles.

All funds and donations raised, and the surplus from the sale of dinner tickets will go towards our new school in JiangXi province (江西省中洲小學). Details of our Fund Raising Dinner are as follows:

Date and time:
September 1, 2018(Saturday), 6:00 pm registration, 6:30pm dinner

Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant 珠城大酒樓
1132 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6A 1S2

Ticket: $68.00 ($30.00 tax-deductible)

Information and ordering:

Please reserve your seats by returning e-mail to, or ( Or call KK Lee – @778-862-0885 / Catherine Tsao – @778-323-1753 )

Ming Chan
Event Chair – 16th Anniversary Fundraising Dinner Committee
Vancouver Sowers Society of Education


温哥華苗圃行動教育協會(簡稱温苗)轉眼已成立十六年了,在各位 前輩的努力下,温苗能夠茁壯成長,在最初成立時只有數名會員,至 今發展成有近一百多人的組織。並且在中國偏遠山區重建了十六所學 校、兩幢宿舍樓及兩座食堂,令數以千計的學童能有一個安全舒適的 學習環境,更重要的是令他們覺得遠在千里之外的華裔同胞也好像親 人般關心他們,重燃對生活的希望,感受到人間有情。

中華文明復興正處於一個關鍵路口,中國能否擺脫過去二百年之貧困 、落後與愚昧,很大程度要視乎能否將巨大的人口包袱轉化為智力資 源,而教育就是這轉化過程中最重要的一環。温苗、香港苗圃行動及 其他秉持同樣理念的慈善機構,正扮演一個積極和正面的角色,推動 中國的慈善事業,尤其在教育方面。

本會訂於本年九月一日(星期六)在溫哥華珠城大酒樓舉辦十六週年 籌款晚宴,當晚現塲及其他贊助所籌得善款,及晚餐券收益, 扣除開支,剩餘將全部撥作興建江西省中洲小學之用。 本會所有工作人員皆是義工,亦無固定會址, 行政經費主要用於郵政、會計費用及必要之保險費等。 希望大家能踴躍參加,共襄善舉。定座電郵 或 ,或致電 : KK Lee : 778-862-0885 / Catherine Tsao : 778-323-1753 查詢。

十六週年 籌款晚宴籌委會主席