Winter Jacket 2018

VSSE received request in Jun 2018 from a long time volunteer Manyi to raise money for getting winter jackets for students in China. This was in support of the winter jacket project 送愛暖童心 of HKSA to help the poor students in mountainous areas in China to get through the harsh winter.

VSSE sent a callout to our members and friends, and received very good responses. We have raised money for over 110 jackets (~CAD 21 each), and the VSSE board decided to put in money to donate a total of 120 jackets.

With the help of HK Sowers Action (HKSA), the jackets were distributed in Dec 2018 to some students in the province of Gansu of China. VSSE’s ex-director Rita took a personal trip there and helped distributing the jackets.

Special Thanks to HKSA in making a custom banner for VSSE.