VSSE Challenge 12 Hours 2021

Dear Friends and Members,

As the vaccination being administrated, the rate of the pandemic ( COVID 19) became to have significant diminishing scale. Now, the provincial government has relaxed the restriction for all activities. Vancouver Sower Society of Education ( VSSE ) would like to carry out the Challenge – 12 hours hiking fund raising event. Last year, the event went virtual but not for this year. We can meet up again.

This year, the event would be held at Lynn Headwaters Regional Park. We are going to have two teams and start at 09:00

Team A – Team Advance : a round trip to Hans Valley, approximately 25 k and might take 10 to 12 hours.

Team B – Team Moderate : a round trip to Noven falls, approximately 10 k and might take 4 – 6 hours.

VSSE would like to continue our raising fund for those vulnerable children whom still need your support for their education. We urge all members and friends from hiking folks to show your support to our action. Also, the donation for all aspects in order to help those children are welcome. It can be made through our directors, members or hiking folks. Tax receipts will be issued to those amounts of $20 or above.

For event participants , please complete the pledge form and collect your donation. You can hand it in or deposit it to VSSE bank account.

For signing up , please contact :

Event Chair : Keith Wan 778-895-3621

Pledge Form 籌款表格 / Registration Form 登記表格


在新冠肺炎疫苗施打下; 疫情略有舒緩。現時的管控措施已經修改,故此; 很多活動都可以在指引下舉辦。温哥苗圃行動教育協會(下稱 : 温苗) ,於8月7日舉辦挑戰十二小時。

今回路線為Lynn Headwaters Regional Park集合出發。集合時間為09:00.

一如既往,活動將會安排兩組 ;

A組:挑戰組 ,路線為 Hans valley 約25公里。

B組: 中級組,路線為Noven falls 約10公里。



再者; 善長捐款亦可透過我會之理事,會友, 山友同道,來支持遠方的教育工程。就讓温苗能繼續去工作。我會的理事及支持善舉的山友們,捐款超過$20元以上可獲退稅收據。



報名可聯絡 :

籌委主席 : Keith Wan 778-895-3621