Challenge 12 Hours 2020

Dear Friends and Members,

During the unexpected pandemic (COVID 19), most of the activities and events are forced to stop until the authorities to say so.

On the other hand, the education sponsorship of Vancouver Sowers Society of Education (VSSE ) are never stopped. We still need your support to move on and make it better.

Under the current circumstances, the event for challenge of 12 hours could not be held. We still urge all members, friends or party from hiking folks to show your support to VSSE.

Donations can be made via the pledge form for your honorable fund to designated person.

Also, the event of challenge 12 hours will not be carried on but the fund raising is expected from 1st August to 30th September by whole hearted individuals. Furthermore, donations are welcomed and can be made through our directors, members or hiking folks. Tax receipts will be issued to those amount of $20 or above.

At the end but not last, may I wish everyone Stay safe and stay health.

Keith Wan
BOD 2019-2020




衆會友,山友及其支持我會的善長。你們可以把捐款額填寫在 承諾表格書 認捐及支持我會之理事,會友, 山友同道。就讓大衆之行動來支持遠方的教育工程。給温哥華苗圃行動教育恊會能繼續去工作。我會的理事及支持善舉的山友們,可於在8月1日至9月30日完成挑戰十二小時籌款活動。感謝大家的支持,捐款超過$20元以上可獲退稅收據。




Keith Wan
BOD 2019-2020