Winter Jackets project 2020 – Pledge for Donation

Dear Members and friends,

We want to express our appreciation for your generosity in helping us achieve our goal of 400 winter jackets for our students in 2019 (please see this web page). During the unexpected pandemic (COVID-19), we have committed to the goal of 200 winter jackets for this year. Our student’s warm hands and feet are depending on us, please, let’s open our kind hearts and help others get through this cold winter’s season. The jackets are $22 each.

Donation instructions: please include your full name, email address, phone number, and physical address (for tax receipt purpose). Please refer to our Donation and Payment page for more information.

  1. e-transfer to
  2. Direct deposit to VSSE’s Vancity account: 100062221371
    Vancouver Sowers Society of Education
  3. By check or Cash
    Contact: Michelle Fung 778-898-7710
                   Wendy Hui 604 537-1371
                   Ming Chan 604-763-1699

Best wishes and Stay safe

Michell Fung