VSSE Virtual 10K Run 2022 April 17 – 30

Dear VSSE Members and Friends:

As some of the health restrictions may be lifted up soon by the government, the variants of the pandemic (COVID 19) is still taken up a large numbers of people being infected.
Every year, Vancouver Sun Run is one of the iconic events before summer, thousands of people are gathering at down town for a 10K run.  For years, Vancouver Sowers Society of Education (VSSE ) always form a team to participate the event. Those team members also took the opportunity of the 10K run to raise fund to support VSSE’s works in educational programs. This year, VSSE would like to take a prudent measure for the gathering event.

Under this circumstances, the 10K run event will be still a virtual this year. As such VSSE decided to hold our own Virtual 10K run, from April 17 – 30 , 2022. We urge all members, friends to show your support to VSSE. For those who support VSSE, they know that our projects are ongoing. Students are expecting. Let us move on and to light up their brighter future.

Participants for the 10K virtual run could sign up via contact me, Tommy Hui (778-889-0989) or email to VSSE. For the donations, please be kind to fill the Pledge Form and be sure donors’ information be recorded such as, name, address and email.

Furthermore, participants please submit your collected donations between 1st May to 15th May, 2022, and please see VSSEs’ donation instructions at http://vansowers.org/about-us/donation-and-payment/. Tax receipts will be issued to those donation amounts of $20 or above.

In addition, there will be no group training or else. Community safety is top priority but don’t forget to have a picture or video at your finish line. Warm welcome to those who share his/her action clips.

At the end but not last, may I wish everyone Stay safe and stay health.

Keith Wan 778-895-3621
Event Chair, VSSE Virtual 10K Run

各位溫苗會員及朋友 ,

在新冠肺炎疫情肆虐及新變種病毒影响持續,雖然部份社交距離限制將被撤消  。温哥華苗圃行動教育恊會 ( 下稱:溫苗 ) 將不會鼓勵參與大型集體活動。過往,溫苗必組織隊伍,參加太陽報舉辦的10公里跑步活勳,從而籌款。

今年此活動仍會以虛擬方式舉辦,為我會在遠方的教育行動籌募善款 。因此溫苗特決定於4月17日至30日舉辦自己的虛擬十公里跑步活動。各位參加者,自我找合適地方,你可以跑、緩步或健走; 以 完成里程。大家也可拍下起步及終點片段,並上載給我方或相熟群組分享。至於訓練,為了配合防疫規範,溫苗將不會組織是項集體訓練。


參加活動的健兒; 請報名登記及填寫捐款承諾表格,表格見附件。健兒們參加是次活動可把名字及聯絡方式,通知本人,Tommy Hui (778-889-0989), 或透過溫苗電郵通知會方。 至於捐款承諾表格,務必把捐款人之姓名、地址及電郵填上。另收集捐款後,請配合在5月1日至15日內提交( 請查看本會捐款程序:http://vansowers.org/about-us/donation-and-payment/)。




Keith Wan 778-895-3621
溫哥華苗圃行動教育協會2022 虛擬十公里長跑籌委會主席